Typography explorations

Some homework assignments from a 14 week Essential Typography course completed during Fall 2020 at ArtCenter.

Abstract composition combining two classifications

• Use at least one paragraph
• Use at least one rule or line at .25-5pts
• Use two classifications
• Use type at any size
• Rotate at least one element
• Single letters and single text lines are allowed • Use lorem Ipsum text, www.lipsum.com

Emphasize one of the following: contrast, rhythm, repetition, texture, direction, scale, motion, gradation or depth.

Explore the expressive qualities of type to convey emotion reinforcing the content of the poster.

• Include the complete lyrics of the artwork .
• Do NOT choose a novel or non-fiction work
• Pay attention to the composition; establish a hierarchy.

Opening spread of a feature article

• Use ANY typeface that belongs to the historical classification of type studied in class.
• The body text or copy text (the content of the article) needs to be readable.
• If desired, use typographic elements or sections with reverse type. .
• Establish an overall visual rhythm and hierarchy; pay attention to the overall composition