Customisation of Salesforce for Call Center Agents

Problem to solve

The design request was to provide information for Aol call center agents about products of interest to a customer, but also allow call center agents to easily find related Aol services and products. There was also the additional need to migrate from the previous CRM tool Gandalf, to Salesforce.

User research

Shadowed call agents for one day to listen in on calls and observe their current work flow:


We synthesized our findings:


I created a mind map to categorise the findings which were separated out into topics related to customers, call agents, environment and team.

Discovery Phase – User Research (PDF)


As call center agent did not have large screens and had to open multiple programs at a time, ensuring the interface could fit in a small screen was a priority. By utilising an existing template of having expandable side panels, it gave call center agents the flexibility of displaying the up-sell of other AOL products when it is needed.

Sketch - round 2

Sketch - round 2

Sketch - round 2

Sketch - round 1

Design Phase 1 – Sketches WIP (PDF)

Research and war room

Salesforce - comparative

Salesforce - Flows

Designing with the smallest screen resolution to show the viewport size when interacting with the expandable side panel:

Component – Custom console component1

User testing

Wireframes in prototype for user testing round 1


Prototype for usability testing round 2

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 15.12.24

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 15.11.05

Design phase 1 – User Feedback (PDF)

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