Online charity donation form

Engaged in a three week project with Cancer Council NSW (CCNSW) as to research, design and test the user experience. The project involved redesign and implement best practices for the online donation forms (mobile and desktop).

Stakeholder interviews were conducted with CCNSW’s marketing, development and product owner teams. Key findings included users being confused with the existing donation forms which were split into three to cater to once-off donations, recurring donations and in memoriam donations.

Three different donation forms

Review of analytics were used to get a general idea of the websites performance. It gave an insight that users were dropping out of donation forms to the ‘Contact’ page.

User journey
Based on findings from Patrik-Haggren – Creating the Perfect Donation Experience, the user journey was created to emphasise that although the donation forms were to be revised, the restriction of not holistically revisiting the entire online experience for Cancer Council NSW would not resolve the donor’s awareness and increase of donations.

Flow for form data
To illustrate the existing content of the donation forms, the colours represented the type of data requested from the user. The data categories were 1) donation type and amount, 2) payment information and 3) user information. To keep the flow consistent, the order and grouping of form fields were rearranged. The flow also demonstrated how the three donation forms could be consolidated into one.


Research on other charity websites
PowerPoint Presentation

Research on donation form components
PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

Prototype for usability testing

Usability report and findings

Light documentation

Wearable product for connected travelers

Participated as a UX designer in a team of four from ustwo NYC for a hackathon event hosted by Wearable World. Using APIs for flight details from Concur, inflight internet services from Gogo, WeatherUnderground, location services with SITA Beacons, we built an Android app to connect travelers with their loved ones as they fly.

Created user journeys and quick sketches to kick off visual design and development.

Validated concepts with SMEs from American Airlines.


To communicate the navigation flow.

Visual designer and developer.

Testing beacons at checkpoints around the room.


Refining wireframes for prototype.

Clickable prototype for testing.
Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 4.37.58 PM

Guerilla usability & concept testing.

Racing towards a deadline. Testing the notifications with the wearable watch interface and Android app.

We were one of the five winning teams!

Internal web application for Commonwealth Bank

Redesign of a 10 year old internal web application which had been updated with new features or tools in an ad hoc manner when required by management. To tackle the extent of the project, a 5 day discovery phase was kicked-off to define the problem space. This involved: a system screen audit, 6 x user research (user observation & findings) and determining usability issues.

Initial findings through system screen audit:

Through user observations, it was made apparent that the environment in which the application was used, needed to be the most highly regarded. In order to not affect the repetitive and predictable routine of the users, the application’s core purpose of being functional and efficient was maintained by card-sorting the navigation to be user-orientated for the primary navigation, and task-orientated for the secondary navigation. A minimalist design to reduce loading time was applied as well as contrast colours for readability and usability.

As a way for finding solutions to the problem space, I resulted to recommendations on guidelines, implemented design principles and determined a set of templates & components.

The interaction flow below demonstrates the use of referencing for searched items and a task-oriented secondary navigation which was previously available at all times.

After the discovery phase, the project progressed to a final phase where templates and components were attentively created for the redesign. A new sitemap and a documentation of wireframes containing the templates and components were produced, as well as an interactive prototype to demonstrate interactions.

The wireframes were also tested among users before finalising the designs.

A compilation of a few components:

A style guide was provided by the visual designer (style guide was not designed by me).

Public voting online

Experience maps for a presentation to briefly explain the methods of how voting can be conducted for the Bafta Rising Star award. The diagram also intended to show how there are many entry points to the microsite and how the many methods can cross over different social media platforms.
01 Rising star – vote and share

Rising star - sn

What’s it like to be an app?

A one day workshop with Made by Many for Internet Week to create an experience prototype.

Started off with brainstorming ideas that would be a fun app to prototype and test. The idea was to test whether users would enjoy an app which required collaboration to scare each other.



We were left with two hours to create and test on users.

Quick user flow for presentation.

Online experience for a luxury brand

Visualising how the “world” sits in as website, it demonstrated how its brand can have connections to the e-commerce side, as well as other social platforms.

Mulberry – e commerce

Flow diagrams were vital in the basket and checkout process with many variants for logged in and logged out states.
Mulberry –  e commerce

Banking in Turkey

Experience map of banking with ING Turkey with set goals.
ING Goals

User journeys based on goals with templates.
ING templates

Taking the existing online banking information architecture and simplifying the sitemap.

Broke out the sitemap to be task-led i.e. ‘View & manage’, ‘Make a transfer’ and ‘Apply for products’.
ING ob sitemap

After heavy research, low level sketches were produced across all templates.
ING sketch

High fidelity wireframes for handover to the tech team.

ING_Online Banking_statement

ING Online Banking transfer money

After high fidelity wireframes were produced, the sitemap with template references were revised.

Designs by Claire Morris

Online banking

Public website


Public website for global bank

Having joined the team after the discovery phase for the redesign of the HSBC UK public website, I was required to work on high fidelity wireframes and collaborate with the team to collect a library of templates and modules.

– Took part in user testing and worked with consideration of feedback
– All products and content from existing site was audited against proposed design
– Detailed documentation for client approval and off-site developers