Online charity donation form

Engaged in a three week project with Cancer Council NSW (CCNSW) as to research, design and test the user experience. The project involved redesign and implement best practices for the online donation forms (mobile and desktop).

Stakeholder interviews were conducted with CCNSW’s marketing, development and product owner teams. Key findings included users being confused with the existing donation forms which were split into three to cater to once-off donations, recurring donations and in memoriam donations.

Three different donation forms

Review of analytics were used to get a general idea of the websites performance. It gave an insight that users were dropping out of donation forms to the ‘Contact’ page.

User journey
Based on findings from Patrik-Haggren – Creating the Perfect Donation Experience, the user journey was created to emphasise that although the donation forms were to be revised, the restriction of not holistically revisiting the entire online experience for Cancer Council NSW would not resolve the donor’s awareness and increase of donations.

Flow for form data
To illustrate the existing content of the donation forms, the colours represented the type of data requested from the user. The data categories were 1) donation type and amount, 2) payment information and 3) user information. To keep the flow consistent, the order and grouping of form fields were rearranged. The flow also demonstrated how the three donation forms could be consolidated into one.


Research on other charity websites
PowerPoint Presentation

Research on donation form components
PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

Prototype for usability testing

Usability report and findings

Light documentation

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